Burdock and vegetable salad

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Burdock and vegetable salad
Features of the menu of Dr.Fry
Crisp texture of burdock is accented.
Dr.Fry_html_f619bfcaaf3a1ad7 Material
Mibuna 100g
Sesame dressing Proper amount
Burdock 100g
Flour 50g
Salt 5g
Corn grits 5g
Oregano 1g
Carbonated water Proper amount
Wild watercress 10g
How to cook
1 Wash the burdock, cut it in a stick shape, steam it for 10 minutes and cool it down.
2 Put the flour, corn grits, salt,
  oregano in the ball and mix them with carbonated water to make batter.
3 Coat the burdock(1) with the batter(2).
4 Fry for 5 minutes at 180 degrees with Dr. Fry, leave off oil and lightly sprinkle salt.
5 Place Mibuna on a dish, pour sesame dressing, decorate fried burdock and wild watercress.