Acqua Pazza of rockfish and Fresh tomato

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Acqua Pazza of rockfish and Fresh tomato
Features of the menu of Dr.Fry
Rockfish becomes plump gentle texture
Dr.Fry_html_f619bfcaaf3a1ad7 Material
One Rockfish
Potatoes 50 g
3 Olives
Garlic (chopped) 5 g
Tomatoes (2 cm square cut) 1/3 pieces
Caper 2 g
Shell clams 30 g
Oregano 2 g
Thyme 2g
Thyme 2g White wine 100ml
Italian parsley 2 g
Salt, black pepper, to taste
Olive oil 20 g
How to cook
1 Pour some salt pepper on rockfish.
2 Deep fried potatoes cut in bite size and rockfish for 2 minutes and leave off the oil
3 Saute fried potatoes and clams with olive oil
4 When the clamshells open, add garlic, olive, caper, thyme, oregano, tomato and saute
5 When garlic is colored, add white wine and cook it steamed
6 Adjust the taste with salt
7 Arrange the rockfish into a dish, from the top, apply the sauce and serve
8 It is completed with black pepper and Italian parsley