Soup with crisp Okoge

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Soup with crisp Okoge
Features of the menu of Dr.Fry
Okoge become so crisp.
Dr.Fry_html_f619bfcaaf3a1ad7 Material
Rice 50g
Water 200 cc
Consomme 5g
Pinch salt
Onion 5g
Carrot 10g
Broccoli 10g
Sweet potato 20g
Italian parsley proper amount
Black Pepper proper amount
How to cook
1 Wrap up cold rice with lap, then Crush it by hand. Cut them to 5 cm square.
2 Add onion slices, carrots, sweet potatoes,
  broccoli to water 200cc and put on fire.
  When the vegetables become soft, put a consomme,
  finish the taste with salt and pepper to done the soup.
3 Deep fry rice(1) with Dr. Fry for 5 minutes at 170 degrees
4 Put soup in a dish,put fried Okoge on it and sprinkle parsley